Employment Information

Staff turnover is uncommon, but permanent, full-time employment opportunities at the Rutgers Psychology Child Development Center become available. Lead teachers and assistant teachers in all classrooms are Class 1 University Employees and must possess high qualifications. Part-time Teacher's Aides are usually current or former Rutgers students who have completed at least one semester of the Fieldwork in Psychology: Daycare course. (For more information about this class and others, check the Information for Rutgers Students page.)

To inquire about current employment opportunities, please review the postings at University Human Resources. All full-time positions at the Center are posted online with University Human Resources and only applications submitted online which meet the minimum position requirements (as determined through an HR screening) will be considered. Please do not send an application or resume to the Executive Director--unsolicited resumes and applications may not be considered.

Current University students participating in the Federal Work Study Program may join our part-time staff by requesting to be assigned to our department and by submitting their completed employment application to the Executive Director of the Center. A link to the Center's application form can be found below and should only be used by University students: