Child Development Center Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often do you take the children outdoors?

A: Our children play outside every day, even in cold and minimally inclement weather. We believe that the outdoors is an extension of the classroom that is equally as important as all of the learning activities that take place indoors.  Outdoor play and nature education are crucial to the overall development of a healthy child.  The children love playing and learning outdoors regardless of the season. During the winter, parents must send in appropriate outerwear for the season, including snow gear for playing in the snow.  Our outdoor area includes a large porch which allows the children to continue playing outdoors even in rainy weather.  During the summer months, special water play days are planned and the children wear their bathing suits to enjoy playing in the water sprinklers and other water-related activities.  Outdoor play is scheduled for at least 3 intervals in our daily schedule, with 2 of those periods planned for 1 hour or more.  Campus walks to enjoy the benefits of our picturesque campus and planned every week.