Professional Staff

Our classrooms are led by dedicated, licensed teachers, many with advanced degrees. A full-time, credentialed teaching assistant works in each classroom. Part-time aides and college fieldwork students also help to keep the student-teacher ratio low. All full-time staff are formally trained in our curriculum, its implementation, and its companion learning assessment tool. Additionally, formal training in our developmental assessment tool allows our staff to implement research-based developmental screenings for each child twice each year. Support staff are provided with an overview training of our curriculum and its implementation so that they may effectively support the teachers and the learning activities in the classroom. All full-time staff, and many support staff, attain and maintain First Aid and CPR training, with supplemental pediatric training and AED training. There is very little turnover in our staff, most of whom have been at the Center for many years and some of whom themselves started out as Rutgers students! All staff undergo fingerprinting and background checks and must complete the University’s Protection of Minors training upon hire and annually thereafter.


 Jennifer Manuola

 Tara Conover

 Executive Director

Assistant Director

Teaching Faculty

 Destiney Baxter

 Jennifer Gadson

Intermediates Lead Teacher

Intermediates Assistant Teacher

 Jennifer Zehnbauer

 Stacey LeBrocq

Toddlers Lead Teacher

Toddlers Assistant Teacher

 Amanda Sgro

 Aleksandra Kordal

Preschool Lead Teacher

Preschool Assistant Teacher

 Marilyn Loftus

 Amanda Chan

PreKindergarten Lead Teacher

PreKindergarten Assistant Teacher